BH Medical Products Catalog

BH Medical Products Catalog

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Materials Name of Description
Acrylic Cotton Roll Dispenser
Anaethetics Cartridge Holder
Bur Organiser
Mask Dispenser
UC Cover
Hygiene Station
Towel Dispenser
Instrument Organiser
Applicator Dispenser
Materials Organiser
Salva Ejector Dispenser
Curing Light Protective Hand Shield
Aerosol Guard
Cotton Cotton Roll
Cotton Tip Applicator
Cotton Balls
Cotton Pad
Sterile Peanut Swabs
Sterile Pressure Pack with Tie
Film Headrest Barrier Sleeves
Chair Barrier Sleeves Full and Half
Tray Barrier Sleeves
X-Ray Head Barrier Sleeves
Curing Light Curved Barrier Sleeves
Curing Light Straight Barrier Sleeves
Triplex Syring Barrier Sleeves
Handpiece Barrier Sleeves
Intraoral Camera Barrier Sleeves
Scaler Barrier Sleeves
Keyboard Barrier Sleeves
Mouse Barrier Sleeves
Curing Tip Barrier Sleeves
Light Handle Barrier Sleeves
Tube Barrier Sleeves
Laptop Barrier Sleeves
Phospor Plate Barrier Envelopes
Digital X-Ray Sensor Barrier Sleeves
Barrier Film
Metal Needle Station
Metal Wash Mesh
Bur brush
Bur Tray
Mobile Workstation
Tray Holder
Mobile Cabinet
Wall-Mount Cabinet
Metal Bib Clip
Triplex Tip Metal
Metal Prophy Rings
Non-Woven Isolation Gown
Surgical Gown
Surgical Cap
Shoe Cover
Bouffant Cap
Surgical Drape
Surgical Hole Drape
Hand Towel
Face Mask
Sterilization Kit
Dry Wiper
Cleaning Glove
Hygiene Napkin Holder
Non-Woven Sponge
Paper Tray Paper
Paper Towel
Tissue Paper
Dental Bibs
Dental Apron
Paper Cup
Portion Medicine Cup
Sterilization Pouches
Sterilization Roll
Exam Table Roll
Exam Gown
Exam Cape
Exam Sheet
Exam Pillow Case
Mixing Pad
Indicator Stripe
Indicator Tape
CSR Wrapper
Cute Stickers
Grinding Box
Emesis Basin
X-Ray Bitewing Tab
Plastic Plastic Cup
Dental Checking Kit
Flat Tray
Flat Tray Cover
Bur Holder
Bur Block Magnetic
Bur Case
Cheek Retractors
Draw Organiser
Operation Tub
Cup Dispenser
Cabinet Tray Insert
Tissue Dispenser
Pouches Dispenser
Glove & Tissues Dispenser
Autoclavable Instrument Container
Syring Organiser
Cotton Pellet Dispenser
Sponge Dispenser
Instrument Carrier
Micro Applicator
Monojet Syringe
Etch Tips
Disposable Dentures Cushiong Pack
Mask Earloop Adjust Belt
Sani Sleeve
Luer-Lock Syringe
Root Canal Needle
Endofile Stand
Endofile Holder
Endo Meauring Block
Endofile Ring
Endofile Sponge
Endo Case
Saliva Ejector
Surgical Aspirator Tips
Disposable HVE Aspirators
Disposable Trap
Cuspidor Strainers
Saliva Ejector Traps
Plastic Dental Dam Frame
Impression Tray
Bite Registration Impression Trays
Intraoral Tips
Mixing Bowl
Plastic Alginate and Plaster Spatula
Cartridge Gun
Autoclavable Mixing Spatula
Disposable Mixing Spatulas
Face Shield
Safety Goggle
Soaker Holder
Disposable Mouth Mirror
Prophy Cups
Disposable Prophy Rings
Retainer Box
Multi-Purpose Plastic Box
Milk Teeth Storage
Hand Mirror
Denture Box
Plastic Straw
Plastic Spoon
Multi-Purpose Dappen Dish
Mixing Wells
Lab Pan
Silicone Instrument Code Ring
Silicone Bur Holder
Instrument Mat
Dental Lab Model
Silicone Bibs Clip
Silicone Mixing Bowl
Silicone Bowl Cap
Sanitation Wet Wipe
Alcohol-Free Chlorhexidine Mouthwash
Eucalyptus Detergent Sanitiser-Hospital Grade
Sanikleen Hand Sanitizer
Sanisoft Hand Soap
Shampoo&Body Wash
Wet Wash Glove
Hair Cleaning Caps
Others Instant Ice Pack